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Night at the Museum is cute. It's clever, and it's everything you expect from a family movie. Congratulations to Ben Stiller and that one Wilson brother. The cuter one?

Artsy people may complain and whine that this movie is predictable and cliche. Well I love it. It was fast paced, interesting, and relieving at the same time. I think that everyone who took part in this film should pat themselves on the back, because everyone was perfectly cast, acted perfectly, and made everything interesting. Note that I saw this movie in theatres on Christmas night, in the middle of a fast-paced frenzy of food-workers getting paid time and a half, and families who find christmas boring. That would be my family, and Jews. 

The movie is about a middle aged father who seeks out a job as a night watchman for a cursed museum. At night, all of the stuffed lions, pigs, and historical figures come to life, and it proves to be a terrific task to fill night after night. But there are thieves who plan to steal the sacred artifact that ensures the curse, which Stiller's character begins to appreciate. The movie is his struggle to prove himself as a father and save the museum. It's exciting, and you should take your children to see this movie. Support the arts, support the museum, and support Owen Wilson in his latest semi-unfortunate flop. I hope this film grosses. But I know it wont; alas, we are all suckers for a flop. 

For being an awesome movie to watch in the depths of an anti-Christmas and anti-Cheer binge, I give this movie an A +

But even past my obsession with anti-holiday hobbies, I still give this film an A +


This movie was amazing.

This movie is about an undercover cop, (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is
assigned to infiltrate the Irish mafia and get in close with the mob
boss, Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). At the same time, Costello's
Protege (Matt Damon) has infiltrated the police department as an
informant for the Irish mob. It is not long before both the mob and
the police realize that someone in their ranks is leaking information
to the other side. Both men must then do whatever it takes to expose
one another in order to save themselves.

A great cast for this movie with lots of big stars. The fact that
everyone speaks with either an Irish or a Boston accent really adds to
the experience. They were even able to give Alec Baldwin a role that I
actually enjoyed for once (Something that he should be very proud of).

As with most of Martin Scorcese's movies, The Departed is quite long
(just about three hours). But thanks to an awesome cast; amazing
story; and an ending that will blow you away, this movie grabs your
attention with the first scene and doesn't let it go until the end
credits roll.

I give this movie an A.



This is a post-apocalyptic tale about Vic, played by Don Johnson, and his dog named Blood with whom he communicates telepathically.  They live in a world where there's more space and sun than there is the female sex. Starved for a jacking and hungry for excitement, Vic uses Blood to sniff out women, and help him in battles to win over territories, and steal food. He comes across a chick named Quilla June Holmes, who lives in the underground world, dark and preserved from before the apocalypse.

Honestly, this movie is naked and creepy. The ending is weird. The characters are believable, but goodness...

You just need to see this movie. It's bland, but funny, and gross...and terrifying...and fucked. up.

For making me choke, this movie gets an A +

Overall, C +


I've read the book, written by the late, but still mesmerizing, Hunter S. Thompson, at least ten times. It's a quick read, and one of his best. Funny to think that I never heard of the movie til a year ago, and never gotten the time to see it until two days ago. 

First thing's first, and I have to get it out of the way. It does not measure up to the imagery and characterization of the book. Many may disagree because of Johnny Depp's amazing acting abilities. But one must understand that I have pants decorated in Hunter S. Thompson quotes. I think I would have his children, if he asked nicely.

Other than the obvious obstacle of owning up to my expectations, it was a great find. 

I would say that the camera does the most accurate portrayal of Thompson's everlasting struggle with the drugs in his system, and each scene is themed, which I love. I think Johnny Depp did awesomely, and I also think that I have never been more admiring of Benicio Del Toro, although I think he was cast a little inappropriately. Oh well. It was a good movie. I think Terry Gilliam is amazing, and even though this is not one of his best films, I'm sure everyone loved it at least a little.

Hopefully there's reason enough for everyone to be so cult about this film. I didn't see it reason enough, but when you make a movie about drugs and violence, an audience will follow. 

For breaking the boundaries of my love for Terry Gilliam and Hunter S. Thompson, B -

For being a pretty OK movie, especially when I'm drunk, C +


This movie is really something.

If you enjoy over-played racism and the sickest portrayal of the human condition, you can suck it.

This movie So less than deserved the Academy Award.

Shitty....D -


This movie is mostly about suburbian relationships, but I like to think the theme is more-so about the truth of human contact. I think that this movie was a little too abstract for its message. However, it was entertaining and it didn't drag on as I thought it might. 

Wonderful cast, appropriate roles, but some of the minor characters were too strong and interesting than I may have believed...I dunno, they just seemed idealistic until the end of the movie. For a normal movie-goer, it looks like everyone but the main characters are the perfection of their type. Less than creative, to me.

The color is amazing for this film, and the script is real. 

However, the Polyphonic Spree soundtrack makes it unattractively indie. This film deserves better than that.

I enjoyed the movie, so I give it a B +


This is an awesome film.  Many people thought it was funny when Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend were eaten alive by bears after spending (on Treadwell's part) over a decade with them every summer season. However, after viewing this movie, it astounds me why anyone would call this man anything short of extraordinary. 

Wernor Herzog did an amazing job compiling this semi-documentary, allowing the audience to feel Treadwell, and to feel the emotions of the people in his life that were left behind when the tragedy occurred...again, this is an amazing film with an amazing score, based on an outstanding man.

I hope that many people see this frightening and eye-opening footage, because it would be an honest waste if only few did...

I give this film an A -


This is the most charmingly comprehendable movie I've seen all year. After seeing this, anyone should have nothing but respect for Miranda July.  All of the actors were perfect, and the dialogue was the most natural I've seen of any movie to date. The music was perfect, the settings were perfect, and how anyone can combine comedy with reality is beyond me. I could never hope to acheive the mood of this film.

The characters embed themselves, and the movie never really ends...but it's not one of those situations where you're angry, but you're sad that there is no more...This woman needs to make more movies like this. 

The only thing I would ask is that there would be more music, and more of a story to Christine.

For perfect casting, A +

Overall movie, B - 


This movie is OK....

Aside from animal abuse, explicit sex, and impossible characters, this movie is just what you may like.

A reviewer stated that this was Pierce Brosnan's best performance, and I tend to not agree. His Mrs. Doubtfire performance was better. I am also a bit dissappointed that Greg Kinnear would stoop so low. I wish he would just do another one like As Good as it Gets some time...

All-in-all, this movie was somewhat campy, and overall a surplus film....just another one that people see in the movies, but fail to see on the shelves. Not worth it...

For the animal abuse, F

The movie?

C -


This movie is compelling. It's honestly hard to tell if the actors do an impressive job, because the entire movie's in Arabic...just tends to get a little hard to specify good actors from bad ones. I enjoyed this movie a great deal, though. 

Basically, two Muslim friends are chosen for the honor of martyrdom in the bombing of soldiers on the other side of the bank in Israel/Palestine where they are socially imprisoned. The story is set up to be much like that of normal circumstances in the Middle East, and the film embraces the reality of the bombings that happen much more frequently than anyone in the western hemisphere would like to believe.

The music is beautiful, the emotions are believable, and it's no surprise why the movie won 6 highly-esteemed awards and a nomination at the Academy Awards. More people should see this film.  

A -

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